Retail Stores

Special needs and Solutions

Retail locations are all about the effective display of, and calling attention to, store merchandise available for sale. Other considerations include mood setting, calling attention to posters, logos and special displays, health and safety, Window displays, as well as landscapes and building exteriors

  • Lighting should make the merchandise look appealing and present it in the very best light possible. The correct light will of course depend on the merchandise.
  • Lighting in many cases must be dimmable to control changes in ambiance
  • Stockrooms, offices and work areas must be clearly lit for health and safety concerns
  • A retail store is in constant flux as merchandise changes. Existing lighting is often insufficient, ineffective, expensive to run, produces excess heat and potentially dangerous situations in older locations
  • Lighting is an essential part of beautiful décor and provides atmosphere
  • Public spaces should be well lit for safety and liability concerns including options for power failure
  • Light is the first tool for creating artistic statements for landscapes, pathways and foliage

Some of our Retail oriented solutions include special Art Gallery and Retail LED Bulbs that provide a very narrow high energy beam directed to a specific area. These bulbs are great cost savers, since the conventional track and high intensity bulbs found in many retail stores, waste a great deal of energy as heat (that you pay for every day).
Old fluorescent panels eat energy and provide very poor quality light. Consider our “drop in” LED Ceiling Panels that fit perfectly in commercial ceilings and provide a ballast-free replacement for fluorescent fixtures. The light quality is excellent and significant cost savings are achievable.
Landscaping applications requiring powerful beams with low power consumption, weather resistance and different colors all have LED based solutions. Also consider Solar refreshed lighting for pathways, driveways and public spaces.
Displays and display window applications may benefit from our intelligent lights that can be color controlled remotely to achieve dynamic results.
LED Strip Lighting is one of the best ways to illuminate the interiors of cabinets and shelves or integrating lights into special product displays. With a very low profile, this type of lighting is invaluable in the retail environment, and still provides energy cost savings.
It may also worthwhile to consider the psychological effect of lighting for creating an environment conducive to successful selling, and keeping sales floor staff happy and positive.

So where do I go from here?

Get in touch with us, and arrange a consultation or lighting audit. We will help you identify where and how you can start saving money, with reduced energy consumption, energized staff and happy customers.