Special needs and Solutions

Lighting should be warm, inviting and make food (and people) look amazingly good

  • Lighting in many cases must be dimmable to control changes in ambiance
  • Kitchens and work areas must be clearly lit for health and safety regulations
  • Existing lighting is often expensive to run, produces excess heat and potentially dangerous in older locations
  • Lighting is an essential part of beautiful d├ęcor and provides atmosphere
  • The outside of the building should be well and creatively lit to reflect the ethos of the restaurant
  • Public spaces should be well lit for safety and liability concerns including options for power failure
  • Light is the first tool for creating artistic statements for landscapes, pathways and foliage

We have lighting solutions that will enhance presentation in most restaurants while saving money on electricity. As an example ask us about our special LED Bulbs for restaurants that feature increased red/yellow color as it dims to closely resemble candlelight.
Creating ambiance depends not just on the quality, strength, dispersion and color of lights, but also on their flexibility. With lower operating costs, dimming ability, colors, compact size and low heat, LED lighting offers so many lighting design options that are impractical with conventional bulbs
Do you have a parking lot or outside signage to illuminate? We offer high intensity LED solutions that offer significant cost savings over conventional halogen lighting.
For building exteriors and landscaping we offer powerful beams with low power consumption, weather resistance and different colors.
For no power consumption consider our Solar Refreshed Lighting for pathways, driveways and public spaces.

So where do I go from here?

Get in touch with us, and arrange a consultation or lighting audit. We will help you identify where and how you can start saving money, with reduced energy consumption and wonderful ambiance for your guests.