There is no question that LED Lighting is one of the Rock Stars of energy efficiency. It has taken a while for the industry to mature to the point where products are widely available, dependable, safe, dimmable, have light colour and beam angle options as well as being, affordable and ready for prime time. Today we have a wide variety of choices available and it simply makes sense to move to this technology.

Safe for You and the Environment

Traditional bulbs and fluorescents have always posed a hazard for disposal. In particular, the spiral shaped CFLs that were widely adopted for their reduced consumption contain a dangerous mix of poisonous chemicals (e.g. mercury) and have limited lighting flexibility. The linear fluorescent tubes have the same chemicals. The newer LED products do not have this issue and can provide powerful and flexible light with the same or better savings.

Reduced Energy Consumption = Savings

The industry is achieving consumption savings in the order of 75% over incandescent bulbs, and 65% for many fluorescents. This is the major driver for retrofit savings or selection in new buildings.

A Word About Color

The “Perceived Color” of any light source is often described in terms of its Color Temperature. Simply put – “Warm” lighting emphasizes the red and yellow components of the spectrum, and “Cold” lighting emphasizes the blue end of the spectrum. It is purely a question of personal taste however the following concepts should be considered.
Old fashioned “Incandescent bulbs offer “Warm” light and appear to be Yellowish in color. Food, wood and skin tones all look wonderful under this light. You can create the same effect with LED Lighting by choosing bulbs that output in that color range.
“Cool” LED lights create a very clean light suitable for commercial spaces, kitchens bathrooms and mixed indoor/outdoor lit spaces as they mimic daylight.
There is lots of choice today and now it’s a matter of personal taste. Some bulbs can even change their color under computer or Smartphone control!

A Word about Price

The cost of LED bulbs varies widely. If you priced them when they first became available, they would have been quite expensive. Today, as widespread adoption continues, prices are now quite reasonable. However, Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware), because all LED bulbs are not created equal.
We prefer to use the highest quality product available on the market that can be sold at a reasonable price. We primarily source from North American suppliers with established track records, a reputation for quality and a willingness to stand behind their product. It is our goal to supply products with the best Value Proposition for Bermuda.

Good Performance + Long Life + Local Support + Good Price = BEST VALUE

Now if price is the only consideration, we will work with you to source products that satisfy both your needs and your budget.


So how much am I going to save? Well it depends on a variety of factors…

  • Cost of the LED light
  • Life expectancy of the LED light (usually expressed in hours)
  • Usage patterns (duration of use and frequency of power on/off cycles)
  • Use of a dimmer or not (dimmers can affect the life of any bulb)
  • Collateral savings (LEDs don’t waste energy in the form of heat so reduce air-conditioning load)

As you can see it’s complicated, but the big number is 75% less energy consumption by LED vs incandescent. You will definitely save money.

So where do I go from here?

Get in touch with us, and arrange a consultation or lighting audit. We will help you identify where and how you can start saving money, with reduced energy consumption and shine beautiful new light in your space.