Generally speaking, we focus on residential and small to medium business clients. For Industrial and large commercial organizations this can be a significantly large project and involve specialized expertise for motors and specialized industrial equipment. We would be glad to discuss your organization’s needs and goals in this area and recommend the best way forward.

Smaller commercial organizations can also benefit from energy savings in lighting. Particularly in applications that require bright light to maintain both job safety and quality control. If you can’t see it well, you certainly can’t, check it, fix it, clean it, assemble it etc. etc.
Security is another concern in commercial locations. Affordable high power LED lighting provides improved coverage of the site and better illumination for security cameras, without the high energy bills. In fact, increased lighting is an excellent crime deterrent, and may even get you some consideration from your insurance company.
Any commercial ceilings that feature conventional fluorescent tubes are a great candidate for replacement. Our drop in LED panels available is several sizes, are a simple replacement, and best of all, do not require any ballast.
For showrooms, the variety and flexibility of LED lighting can do more than just save you money. Creative lighting techniques can give your showroom the impact it deserves.