At Home

Let’s start with the home.

The place where we spend so much time with our family and friends and where we so often pay way too much money for our energy bills. There are many ways to save money on energy for the home and LED Lighting is a great place to start. Let’s look at the savings and the increased quality of life that become part of the mix.

Retrofit Lighting

This refers to changing existing lighting and fixtures within the home. LED Bulbs are available today in formats that easily it into existing fixtures, with the same socket types that you would expect. This makes our first step easy and sets up savings of 75% or more for every bulb you switch over to LED.
Aha you say “I’m already using those screw in fluorescents that came on the market first”. Well that’s fine but the technology has improved considerably since then. The new LED Bulbs are more efficient, longer lasting and provide a beautiful light with flexible dispersion patterns and colors. Most important of all, there are no toxic chemicals in the new LEDS and they do not pose a health or disposal problem.

New Lighting

This can refer to installing new lights in an existing home or as part of a brand new dwelling. Now here is where the opportunities multiply.

  • Consider functionality – are there any spots that really need more light or a different quality of light
  • Consider design – lighting is a wonderful tool to create all kinds of creative effects inside and outside your home, and don’t forget the “in-between” areas such as hallways and stairs.
  • Landscaping – Use LED lights to up light trees, shrubs, walls and points of interest
  • Paths, stairs, gates and walkways – can all benefit from lighting – especially solar refreshed lights that power themselves.
  • Safety and Security – Any policeman will tell you that a well-lit property is much less likely to be broken into than one that is not well lit. Furthermore, good lighting will help avoid falls and injuries by anyone trying to negotiate unlit areas at night.
  • Gates, Numbers and Building Signs – they can’t read signs in the dark and turning into a driveway can be difficult if not well lit at night

So where do I go from here?

Get in touch with us, and arrange a consultation or lighting audit. We will help you identify where and how you can start saving money, with reduced energy consumption and shine beautiful new light in your space.